Monday, August 3, 2009

I (heart) these things...

at the request of Dude with hat, i have returned briefly to post about seven things i love:
(these are in random order)

1. making people happy- for example, today at work i completed a project for a client and he called me up and told me how much he loves it and that made my day!! i love doing things for people and seeing their pleased reactions.

2. the feeling when something suddenly clicks and everything becomes crystal clear- this applies in Torah learning but also in secular studies... whenever i don't understand something and then i find another way to explain it that i really like or when someone gives me a new piece of information to complete the picture.

3. driving!

4. singing and music- i've discussed this before :-) 

5. hanging out with close friends and just shmoozing and having fun

6. swimming and anything to do with water

7. fave foods, well a few of them: sushi (just had an awesome godzilla roll from Sushi Metsuyan), (israeli) iced coffee, coffee ice cream, whipped cream, and corned beef

How do you dream?

Which do you prefer?

What would you rather?

What's your favorite method of keeping in touch with friends?

Are you going to watch the Super Bowl today- and why?