Wednesday, June 24, 2009

follow-up post

at a wedding last night, i saw the person i mentioned in the previous post, who i had decided to forgive and forget what she had done. 
i gave her a huuuuge hug and spoke with her for a few minutes and did NOT, not even once, have any negative feelings towards her or speak negatively about her. it was such an incredible feeling!!
i hope that all of you will take this opportunity to forgive someone who hurt you at some point because its an amazing feeling to finally be done with that horrible feeling for once and for all.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

forgive AND forget

I recently learned about forgiveness.  It's a mitzvah to forgive someone for something he/she did to you when they come to you and apologize. It's an even greater level to forgive someone when he/she did not even come to you to ask for forgiveness.
I left the shiur with a mission: to forgive someone I've held a grudge against for nearly four years.  Even though I thought I had forgiven her for what she did and how she acted towards me, I did not forget.  And in Yiddishkeit, it's not ok to just forgive but one needs to forget also. Because if you still remember, then it means you still hold a grudge. So I decided to honestly and completely and wholeheartedly forgive and forget the incident. Because I can truly see how though this person may have wronged me, she actually did me the biggest favor because I ended up where I did and it was all yad Hashem- truly.  (though i did not realize that at the time, of course)
I feel like a burden is now lifted off my heart. 
And I know that when I see her next week (and I know I will for sure), that I can go over to her and hug her and honestly ask how she's doing, and forget the past, because the future is so much more important.

When i think of her now, all i can do is smile. It's a funny thing, mechila (forgiveness). Totally changes everything upside and right side up.

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