Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Adventures of Pesach Preparation

If i were writing a novel called The Adventures of Pesach Preparation, this would definitely go in it: While my brother was vacuuming the car, his yarmulka fell off and was sucked into the vacuum! He had to go buy another one! How funny is that?? :-p

to be continued :)


G6 said...

Thanks for the beautiful song as well.

harry-er than them all said...

its funny how i notice these things, but the entire orchestra was only men. interesting...most are a mix.

still a beautiful song, i only hope people don't attempt to sing it at their seder, cause it will flop.

tembow said...

no, harry, i think usually orchestras at frum concerts are all men.

but i could be wrong

itsagift said...

Funny one!
Thanks for the song - it's really stunning!!

tembow said...

jsyk (harry and everyone else), my siblings and i sang this song at the seder and it came out beautifully! (okay, not as beautiful as when shwekey sings it, but pretty nice :-)

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