Tuesday, April 7, 2009

TAoPP part 2

for all those who had trouble figuring that out (lol)... this is The Adventures of Pesach Prep continued!

In keeping with the funny/weird theme: I took my brother shoe shopping for Yom Tov. He (finally) found a shoe he liked and it was on the clearance rack. My bro tried it on and it fit ok so we asked the salesguy, Sean, to bring out the other shoe. Sean returned a few minutes later and said sadly, "I can't find the other shoe. I think it was thrown out." (!!!) I've never heard of Macy's throwing out new shoes before! Have you?

Also, I think I now appreciate men's shoes a little more. I used to think they're all the same, unlike women's shoes. But after shopping tonite, i think i'm getting the hang of it! there's tons of variety- loafers, tie-ups, tassels, cowboy shoes, with a heel, with rubber sole, in black, maroon, tan, pointed toe, square toe, square-ish toe, round toe, up toe, down toe, with design, without design, one color, two-tone, the list is endless. 
so now, all you girls out there who until now thought guys' shoes are all the same, i hope you'll reconsider. i have :)


harry-er than them all said...

don't forget comfortable is also a category.

Something Different said...

I hope you realize that you have just complicated all future dates. :-p

nmf #7 said...

Oy. Remind me not to go guy's shoe shopping. And SD- LOL! But don't judge a guy by their shoes- it might have been picked out by their mom. No guy actually likes shopping.

harry-er than them all said...

nmf- true about most guys, but some guys actually do. its usually the more feminine guys that do

tembow said...

i know, SD, i was thinking of that. but realized that i've never noticed a guy's shoes before on a date because when do i have occasion to look at his feet?

shadbrook said...

lol tem what would you say if the guy wore an interesting color- say MAROON shoes? lollol ok lets here some opinions isnt that wierd?!

tembow said...

i want to say that i won't date any guy who wears maroon shoes, but that would be a lie... tho he was smart enough not to wear them on the date with me lol then for sure i'd have something to say "no" about. but HE was the one who ended up saying "no"

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

How did you know the sale's guy's name?

lol, ok maybe men's shoes can be different. This reminds me of a different post, where Espes was talking about how she can tell about guys based on the shoes they where. I saw the differences in the shoe links she shared, but I couldn't tell which ones would be the cool ones, or which one not.

tembow said...

the sales guy was wearing a name tag :)

people like it when you call them by name. i heard that once in a shiur and i've started calling people by name more often. the sweetest thing to a person's ears is their name. it works!

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

Tembow: ahh I should of thought of that. Yea, people do like hearing their names. It's part of personalization, I once wrote a post about that in my babysitter blog, a while ago.

I barely ever use people's names though, maybe I should try it out.

Anonymous said...

especially people who you're not close to and don't see very often- when you call them by their name they like it cuz it means you've remembered them!

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