Wednesday, January 28, 2009

This one's for you SD!

In response to SomethingDifferent's meme and request that i do it too...

Here's how it works: You type "[your first name] needs" into Google. Copy and paste the words into your blog. (click here to check out SD's meme)

1. Tembow needs your help. (I do?)

2. Tembow needs a new hair stylist. (What i really need is to get my hair done; i've got the stylist)

3. Tembow needs a computer router. (Okay, this is a weird one.)

4. Tembow needs a family that will be patient, consistent, kind and loving. (Baruch Hashem, I have one already that is all that and more!)

5. Tembow needs to chill. (I think i chill way too much instead of doing all the stuff i need to do. sometimes i can really be a procrastinator- especially when it comes to exercising!!)

6. Tembow needs a makeover. (i'd love a FREE one!!)

7. Tembow needs to eat. (haha :) this one is definitely NOT for me)

8. Tembow needs and wants a date! (true, true. i am single right now lol anybody know any guys??)

9. Tembow needs to stop being so grouchy! (lol lol lol)

10. Tembow needs advice. (Thank G-d for all of you guys! that's what you're here for!!!!)

thanks SD! this was cute


Something Different said...

Ha ha! You got some good ones.
But am I the only one who needs lipstick to ski? :-p

tembow said...

I don't know how to ski so i wouldn't know if i needed it or not LOL :)

G6 said...

Sadly, some of mine were not even fit for printing.... {and my name is very Jewish....}
Cute meme!

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

Very cute, I like this one, I'm gonna try it out too!

btw, a computer router is to have high speed internet, which is something I can use.

I never got the hang of using the word "chill". I think its too much of a new word, that I'm not used to it. Sometimes I ask people what their going to be doing on a certain night, and they just say "chilling" and I have no clue what that means. I mean it probably means relaxing and taking it easy.

I got an offer for a free facial, lol if you want I can give you the info. I said no thanx to the person.

I know guys...but their all modern. Isn't that strange, how the guys I know are modern, and the girls are frum, hard to set up shidduchim that way.

lol funny that the grouchy comment came after that.

I love giving advice thats wanted! :-)

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