Monday, March 23, 2009

Dance Evolution

Every once in a while i'll find a song that i absolutely love and get obsessed with. i listen to it a million trillion times until i get sick of it and then move on to the next song. the song im obsessed with now (and listening to now :) is Michoel Pruzansky's "Al Tirah" which i got off the Oorah Shmorg CD that they sent out in the mail. it's one of those songs that just puts me in a good mood and makes we want to dance.

** LISTEN TO 'Al Tirah' HERE **

the last song i can think of that i was obsessed with and made me want to dance was on Shalsheles 4: "Ashira". I put on that song blasting and just danced the night away, listening for hours on end to the same song on repeat! it was a blast! though my sisters thought i was crazy!! but i got them to dance with me.
im not really a dancer. at weddings i'll dance of course but im not one of those girls who knows all the complicated dance steps. i know a few basic dances and i don't really have to any more than that because usually we use just the simple ones. i know the 6 step tho!! im so proud of myself. though i'd prob be too embarrassed to do it in front of everyone, for fear that i'd mess up lol.
when i was younger, in like 4th grade, i took dance class after school. i was one of the best in my class, really, and im not saying to brag or anything. i was really good but then i just lost it. must of been with all that growing and maturing, i just lost that talent. it's something i wish i could do. like ice skating. i've always wanted to figure skate! they look so graceful and beautiful out there with all the triple lutzes and double axels and spins. that's always my favorite sport to watch in the olympics.
so i guess i could learn to dance again. tho im content with just dancing in my room to my (now) favorite songs, although who knows how long it'll be b4 im sick of them!!!

here are some of my favorite songs for your listening pleasure... ENJOY!
Meidad Tasa's "Al Naharot Bavel"
David Ross's "Power to Be" (the Voices for Israel version is much better)
Baruch Levine's "Vezakaini"
and a lot of others that i can't think of right now!!

just as i was publishing this post, my friend sent me this link to such a cute video! check it out HERE. i wish i was on that flight!!! and please post comments... i, too, belong to the "I love comments club" :-p


nmf #7 said...

Wow- totally awesome video!!! Thanks!

itsagift said...

That video is totally hysterical!! I love it! Thanks for posting it here!!

EsPes said...

i tried looking for an all girls dance class... but i couldnt find any where i live!!!!

Something Different said...

I loved that video. LOL!

Espes- heehee. Outta town, outta it so great to live outta town?

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