Sunday, March 29, 2009

Picture Perfect (i wish...)

i had an argument with my mother today. her friend, who thought of a boy for me, dislikes the photo on my shidduch "resume" and wants a different one. i really am not so photogenic so i dont have any good pictures i would want to give this shadchan, other than the one that's on my resume now which is from my brother's bar mitzvah. so this shadchan decided she doesnt like that picture and wants another one. i dont have another one! i like that one! but my mother wants me to find a different one... and she wants my yearbook picture. 
okay, first of all, my yearbook picture is from THREE years ago. second, i hate it!! i really really really don't like it and i would never want any guy who is deciding whether or not to date me (or worse, his mother) to see that. 
i decided to google "shidduch picture" to see what others in the blogosphere had to say on the topic and i arrived at this site, which said:
Ed. Note - Possibly of interest for those who'd like to lightly touch up" their shidduch photo.
HATE YOUR YEARBOOK PICTURE? Attention students and teachers: get rid of unsightly pimples, remove orthodontic braces, circles under eyes, double chins, stray hairs, etc.  I will retouch your yearbook or other photo for only $10!"

The last line of the ad was the best... it says: "Remember Hashem made you perfect, but the camera makes mistakes!" awwwww... how sweet!  lol

in the end, however, i caved, and sent the yearbook picture. because i figure the shadchan will compare the two pictures and come to the conclusion that the first picture is much better (which is exactly the conclusion i want her to come to!!) 

PS. i had always heard a rumor that the guys in lakewood had a library filled with all high school yearbooks from all the schools all over the US from all the years. but a guy i went out with recently claims he has never seen a yearbook in Lakewood yeshiva. THANK G-D!! (all you girls can breathe a sigh of relief)


Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

you put a picture on your shidduch resume/profile?

lol, that ad is the funniest thing ever!

I remember in HS hearing that the guys look at yearbook pictures to decide. But I don't think they really do.

Although when I was in 8th grade I remember looking at my (twin) brother's yearbook and looking to see which guys I thought were cute, I found one boy who was really cute, and I became obsessed with his picture. Then when I went to my brothers graduation I saw that boy, and I saw he had an aunt in a wheel chair, that was special, so then all thoughts of him went out the window.

tembow said...

JSB: why would it matter if his aunt was in a wheelchair?

EsPes said...

i cant believe u caved!!! i would never send a picture that I didnt like!

babysitter- thats so random... why wouldnt u like him anymore if his AUNT was in a wheelchair????

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

Tembow and Espes: well you know how I am now? I was much worse when I was younger. So a wheelchair scared me, and she wasn't 100%. I know I sound mean and I'm sorry.

EsPes said...

babysitter- oy vey ;-)

itsagift said...

I love that line!! It's a great one!!
Look, it's a real silly thing, this whole picture thing, but when it's meant to be, it will happen, with a good picture, with a picture you think looks ugly (mother-in-law thinks you look ADORABLE in it!) or without any picture!!
What's important to remember is that it's all in Hashem's hands, that's all!! We still have to try, though! :)

shadbrook said...

just so u know- i sent a picture to a boy. my shadchan didnt like it so i had to get it professionally taken again. then my mother thought i didnt look my best but wtvr everyone else liked it! ok so i sent the forward 9 months til i finally go on the date with the guy!!btw- he wasnt so good looking but wtvr. it didnt go anywhere.
four months later- i go to his neighborhood for Shabbos. his mother asked someone about me cuz she thought i was pretty!!!!!k do u understand that?! for 9 months she analyzed my pictures- all she needed was to see me in person and then YELL at her son for saying no to me :) lol dont we love the shidduch crisis?

tembow said...

lol! i guess you never know...

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