Monday, March 2, 2009


a year ago, in an art class, i learned something unbelievable: some people dream in black and white. i was shocked! i had always thought that all people dream in color. my teacher polled the class and we discovered that one student (my friend!!) dreams in monochrome. she couldn't imagine dreaming in color. i myself dream in color; all dreams are exactly like real life, except, of course, they're dreams. 
so i decided to do some research, as this is a topic truly fascinating to me, and this is what i discovered:

- Psychology researchers have discovered that if you grew up on black and white TV you are more likely to dream in monochrome than people who have watched color TV all their lives. 
- A psychology student did a survey of 60 people, half over 55 and half under 25. Only 4.4% of the under-25s dreamed in monochrome.
- Even more fascinating, before black and white TV, research has shown that people dreamed in color!
- According to research, most people dream in both color AND monochrome, but some only dream in monochrome.

Do you dream in color? Or just black and white? Do you also find this fascinating? Share your thoughts, opinions, comments, etc.

ps. if you don't know whether you dream in color or not, sleep on it, and try to remember in the morning!!


Something Different said...

(Heehee, I'm honored...)
I rarely dream, but when I do it is definitely color. I never heard of this!

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

that is really fascinating, interesting how it connects with the TV. I would have never guessed that. I love these studies they come out with. Like the other day I was reading how kids are more likely to eat vegetables if they have funny names. So call the carrots "spy vision carrots" or something and they will eat it.

I think I dream in color, its funny cause I was just commenting something about dreams on one of Harry's posts.

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