Thursday, February 5, 2009


for the past few months my cell phone has been sick. it'll just shut off randomly or i'll get a message that comes up that says "insert SIM card" when i haven't taken it out at all. for months i've been saying i need to get a new phone. but the problem is... im in love with my cell phone! seriously, i resist change. almost all change. even good things like a new cell phone are hard. it takes me a while to get used to things but in the end i get used to it (so i just need to remember that i'll get used to it every time i need to change something or someone else changes something).
so anyway, finally i decided tonite is the night im going to the phone store. so i went. and i found a cool phone i like that's FREE!! so i decided to get it (and it's a cool green but that's besides the point :)
i was talking to the guy at the counter who was helping me and i told him how im so attached to my phone and i would totally keep it if only it wasn't broken. he didn't really understand that because here i am getting a new cool phone and i want my old flip phone back. but i told him i love it cuz i can text without looking cuz i know the keys so well, etc etc. im just comfortable with it. at the end, when he was giving me my new phone and the box with the charger in it, he hands me back my old phone and says, "in case you have separation anxiety." i laughed cuz it was so funny and true. but no, i will not go back to my old broken phone, though i do love it, because i've got this super cool phone to play around with now, and get used to. that'll take some time, but don't fear- just give me a week and i'll be over with the old one and completely in love with the new one! lol
my new phone is a Samsung Propel (you can check it out online). its got a full keyboard and it slides up- really cool! and i love the color (it's wayyyyy better than old boring black- besides, if im always wearing black it'll be a cool accessory, better than a color clutch :) 
im not a maniac text-er like that girl in the news who sent 14,000 texts in a month and set a record! i text pretty often, but not crazy. so it'll be interesting to text with a full keyboard instead of the nine keys at T9, if you know what i mean. 
just wanted to share the good news cuz im excited! though i lost some of my ringtones... :(


NotaGeek! said...

Sounds great and it's free, what a great deal...
But my new phone is coming soon too, can't wait...

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

Tembow: Enjoy your phone.

I never had a text plan with my old phone that had no keyboard, so I never understood how everyone was able to text that way, cause I never tried. But I have a keyboard with my phone and I have a text plan, and its a mechaya.

(I tried selecting the phone type to google it, but couldn't find my cursor with your black background, lol)

and now I see it, and it looks like a cool phone!

NotaGeek: maybe if it works good then I'll get it too, but I also can't

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