Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Wedding Story

B"H this week i've been to a fair share of weddings (and it's only Tuesday!) they've all been really nice and really different. now i can't really go into details but i want to discuss a few things:
1- why do people standing in the back at chupas feel the need to talk? come on- it's half an hour of your time! just be quiet! i think it totally disrupts the aura and atmosphere of the chupa when you have tons of people talking. it's almost like they think no one can hear them :)

2- the real reason why people should go to weddings is for the mitzvah of being mesame'ach chassan v'kallah, not for "showing yourself off" to prospective mothers-in-law or for catching up with old friends. you're really supposed to go for the kallah (in a girl's case). usually i don't really feel like im fulfilling this mitzvah cuz there are tons of people there and i dance with the kallah for maybe 20 seconds. but on a rare occasion, such as a wedding i attended recently, i truly felt like i was really fulfilling the mitzvah. every person counted, each girl who came. and it was amazing to see everyone come for that reason!

3- ever been "snobbed out"? (when i told a friend what happened to me she hadn't heard this term used before.. did i make it up??) at a wedding, i went over to a friend i hadn't seen in a month or two and said hello and she totally ignored and barely looked in my direction. and i know she heard me because i sat down NEXT to her! i was totally insulted and didn't talk to her the rest of the night, and of course she didn't say anything to me. now i know im supposed to be dan l'kaf zechus, but in this case it's too hard :( 

4- i don't need to even mention this because it's such a cliche already but i'll just say.... black black black black -with little exception (v'hamayvin yavin :)

all in all, beautiful weddings and nice to see friends and get my exercise of the day dancing the night away!


G6 said...

I also hate the talking. I mean after all, that is "THE moment, is it not?

You know my other pet peeve at weddings? Family members wearing WHITE. In my mind, white is the bride's color and nobody else's...

The best weddings are the SMALL "simchas", as opposed to the HUGE "conventions"!

EsPes said...

yea ive heard the term "snobbed out"... its so rude when ppl do that

itsagift said...

I agree with G6 about the white color - I think white is for the kallah and that's all!
Most men will wear black n white to a wedding...and then, women get to choose all the colors in the rainbow and what do they wear? Black and white!

Something Different said...

I don't think you made up the term snobbed out.

tembow said...

sorry, SD, but what's JSYK?

tembow said...

got it!! 'just so you know'
am i good or am i good? :)

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

wow, I really am doing a lot of catching up, didn't realize you wrote so much already!

snobbed out is a word

that is strange what happened, sorry about that. Maybe something was bothering her at that time. But know that you did nothing wrong so don't let it eat you up. But if it still bothers you, you can ask her why she treated you like that.

I have a wedding tomorrow night, and I still don't know how I'm getting there! arrrgggg

lol, I also didn't know what JSYK meant. Although now I know...

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