Sunday, February 8, 2009

Tu B'Shvat Higiah

(remember the song... tu b'shvat higiah, chag la'ilanot...)

i got an email this morning from a NMF living in israel who told me how she was planning to have a tu b'shvat seder tonite with her husband and some friends. they were going to have 15 different fruits for the 15 shir hama'alos perakim of tehillim. i thought- such a nice idea. [the past few years, i've been in israel for tu b'shvat: last year i was at a chassidish tish where all the chassidim danced and sang as the new fruits were eaten by the rebbe. that was so nice! the year before last year, i went for shabbos (in sem) to a kiruv place where they were having a friday night dinner and tu b'shvat seder. that was so cool and enlightening because the people there were not-yet-religious and were asking me and my friend all kinds of questions about Judaism, etc.] so i decided where else to look for information about how to do a tu b'shvat seder than on the internet? so i put it into and arrived at this page.
i set up the table and everything and everyone in my family sat down to a tu b'shvat seder. it was really nice and really meaningful. (here's a pic)
you still have time.... until tomorrow night! so go for it!! :)


Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

I remember that song.

I didn't know there were 15 types of fruits. But I like tasting different fruits on tu beshvat, its usually dried fruits.

funny that you looked on the internet, lol. I would have thought you would have checked aish or some other Jewish site. I didn't know would have the answer.

that's great it was meaningful and nice "seder" looks colorful!

tembow said...

well if you checked out the link, it goes to

Something Different said...

I am too busy going on a date for this stuff.

tembow said...


nmf #7 said...

Wow- really special that you did that! Hope you enjoyed.

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