Thursday, December 25, 2008


part 2 of the meme: 

1. my absolute favorite food is coffee ice cream.
2. i always wished i knew how to figure skate.
figure skaters always look so graceful and i've always admired them but i'm too scared to learn how to ice skate. i've fallen too many times and hurt too many parts of my body :) so i can always wish and imagine what it's like.. maybe... someday... :)
3. someone once told me i look like chelsea clinton.
i don't know if i should take that as a compliment or an insult. there are some ugly pictures of her out there from when she was young. but it's pretty rough growing up under the scrutiny of the media. i wouldn't really want to be "first kid."
4. i love whipped cream! 
put it on fruit, hot cocoa, coffee... you name it! or even just plain- squirt it straight into my mouth!! actually a few minutes ago my sis and i were doing that to each other. my mother walked into the kitchen just as i was squirting some into my sister's mouth. she wasn't too happy! thankfully she didn't mention the part it being "very fattening." i don't need any reminding.
5. if i could be any creature, i would be a fish or a dolphin.
i love the water! im big into swimming!
6. the most expensive thing i have ever bought for myself is my macbook. 
i love it! im a big mac-fan
7. i like going shopping by myself.
it's so much more relaxing. i usually get a lot more stuff.

pretty random, no? 

im not gonna tag anyone. if you want to do this too, pretend i tagged you :)p
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The Babysitter said...

Thanx for sharing all those random facts.

1-I've never tasted coffee. But I've heard people like coffee ice cream.

2-my mother loves watching ice skating, I grew up watching the Olympics, and now I love it too. I Love rollerblading, so Ice skating came easy to me when I tried it. Figure skating does look graceful, but I would be too scared of doing all those spins, it's amazing what they do. I love this video of Michelle Kwan with You Raise me Up It's a great song, and she does a great job ice skating. I actually bought a CD from Connie Talbot and one of her songs is You Raise me up, you can see it in the video I posted.

O, and funny story, my cousins husband had taken her out on a date to go ice skating to show off, but then he fell and broke his nose and was bleeding, and she had to call hatzolla, and it wasn't a pretty sight, but I suppose it bonded them!

3-now I have to google what she looks like!

4- funny...I've never really tried whip cream. It reminds me of shaving cream though, and that reminds me of balloons.

5- cool, I like dolophins too, although I don't know how to swim!

6- See I guessed right, I knew you had a MAC! cause a windows user wouldn't know how to take a screenshot with a mac computer.

7- I like going shopping myself too!

that was fun!

The Babysitter said...

omg, Hashem loves me! the page didn't go, and I thought I lost it, I refreshed and then it came back! Yay!

tembow said...

hey thanks for commenting! i love blogging cuz its so interesting to hear other people's thoughts on stuff, esp stuff i write.

omg i can't believe you don't know how to swim! that's nuts! i gotta teach you- wish there was some virtual way!!! lol

tembow said...

btw i just watched the video- thanks!
i also grew up watching the olympics though we don't have a tv. i love figure skating! and i love michelle kwan! and i love that song. (though i think josh groban wrote it as a christian song so i don't know if im really supposed to listen to it but its gorgeous nonetheless!) actually the first time i heard that song was in camp like 5 years ago. a girl in my bunk was obsessed with it so we used to listen to it over and over and over and over again.

newayz, thanks for posting it!

The Babysitter said...

lol, well after being in day camp many years with swimming lessons, I had to learn how to swim, but I never tried it out. I know the theory of monkey airplane soldier for back floating, but I'm too chicken to try it. And really swimming, I know the motions but again I don't trust myself to float. and lol, that would be funny, virtual swimming lessons!

I haven't been in a pool since going into 9th grade! that's like 2002! That was the last time I went to camp. Although I did go in pools at hotels for fun, but that wasn't swimming.

The Babysitter said...

Your welcome, so nice to hear that you love it all too! o, I didn't know that about the song, I'm very bad at this stuff, at being able to tell the difference. O, cool, I first heard about it recently.

Your welcome!

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