Monday, December 22, 2008

what's the weather like up there?

is it wrong to want a boy who is taller than me? besides for the whole "shallow" "superficial" aspect of it, some say it makes you "look up to him" in more ways than one :)

am i being unrealistic? with the whole bashert thing (which i DO believe in): let's say my bashert is shorter than me and maybe i don't go out with him because of height issues?


Anonymous said...

Every girl wants tall dark and handsome. We can want from here to tomorrow...but when it comes down to it, make sure you're not being stupid about it.

My friend and I are the same height, I'm actually half an inch talller. She wants a tall guy, her brothers and father are very tall. Me, the guy can be short, my brother and father are short. It's about background and perception, but in the end neither of us would say no because of height, and it would never be a factor in whether to give a yes in the first place.

The only reason I'd need to know the height is heels, or no heels. And quite frankly, if you're going for a black hatter, you never have to worry about height and heels unless your 5'6, or he's a midget. The crown of the hat just makes up for everything.

EsPes said...

i think most girls want a guy thats taller than them.
i dont need a guy thats 6feet, but id like him to have at least an inch on me!
i think its because we all want to be protected by our hubby and want to have a sense of security... which might be difficult to have if we are bigger than him.

corner point said...

I agree with EsPes--I think a lot of it is the protection and security and not so much as "looking up to him."

I'm a little person, but my dad is six foot three, and all my siblings are way taller than me. I'm used to strong, tall, supportive presences around me. Just recently went out with a guy just as petite as I am, felt weird. I would not say no to a short guy, just if it were up to me, I'd like a guy as tall and solid as my dad...

Though my mom makes fun of the height difference.

And that means I'd need to wear heels for the rest of my life.

Ah, well. Bring on the short guys

tembow said...

well if you're short, don't steal all the tall guys- us tall girls need them!! LOL :)

harry-er than them all said...

its funny, cause most of the non-jewish girls i know i college average 5'6, and the average jewish girls i know, are well....shorter. im just shy of 5'7 and have gone out with taller girls, doesnt bother me. although they think that because of my height they shouldnt wear heels...i disagree

tembow said...

well let's say i care about height and i don't want to go out with a guy my height or shorter. is that "normal"? it's something imp to me. that's the only thing i specify about looks (before the date)

EsPes said...

i think its normal. i dont know any girls who dont care if the guy is shorter than her

The Babysitter said...

I know what you mean, about the looking up part, I think it's totally true.

Actually, I'm short, so I won't have that problem, of finding a guy taller than me. But when I was in HS I had one teacher that was shorter than me, she was my computer teacher, and I loved her and she was great and everything, but it always bothered me that she was shorter, I felt like I was towering over her, and couldn't respect her as much as the teachers who were taller than me. SO I became thankful that I'm short, so I get to look up to everyone. Cause really I can't bare to look down at anyone, it isn't my nature. So Hashem created everything perfectly!

About the Bashert, I heard a Rabbi say that there's no such a thing as a "Bashert" that you should get it out of your mind. Cause then people will just dismiss others by saying they weren't their bashert, when really it could have been a match and they were just being picky. Having said that, I don't think you should be afraid of not choosing your bashert because of height. If you feel he's the right one, then the height won't make a difference. And I think it's a normal condition. Like any other choice, it's a choice, you have the option to choose.

nmf #7 said...

I was looking for someone tall- but taller than me- that was about it.
It made for a few awkward 1st dates with my heels and his hat- due to the fact that I never asked how tall before the date- but I got my wish in the end- my husband is taller than me.
But- that's it. I would have dated shorter guys had they been suggested. Children usually end up taller than their parents anyway.

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