Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What's in a name?

i've been asked a bunch of times what my username means and where it originates from. so i feel compelled to enlighten those who want to know. here goes...

a while back i was bored in computer class and started playing games like "Out Of Order" and other fun stuff on a website called BoxerJam. eventually i made a username and somehow came up with "tembow." there's like this chat thing on the site that you can talk to the people you're playing the game with (not that i really did; it's pretty dangerous, if you know what i mean). and someone said that "tembow" means "elephant" in Swahili. (check this out: Swahili- tembow) so, i guess you learn something new every day, right?
the username just stuck and when i started commenting on blogs i used it and eventually made a blog. the end.

hope i didn't disappoint anybody. it's really not that exciting! LOL
but you guys can come up with some other more interesting meanings for "tembow" if you'd like. have fun!

ps. foreign languages are cool. anybody know any unusual ones?
my grandfather had a knack for languages. he spoke EIGHT! languages! i always forget which ones tho :)


thinking... said...

That's really cute!
My it's not so profound :)

I often hear the commercial for Maimonides Children's Hospital, where they say the can speak 58 (?) different languages. I don't even think I know about 58 different languages...

nmf #7 said...

Most people from Antwerp- Belgium- or Switzerland (at least the Jewish ones) speak 7 or 8 languages.
Yiddish, English, Hebrew, Swiss German(spoken German), written German (High German), French, and....I think Dutch. Although the last one I could be wrong on.
I always wished I knew more languages- such a useful skill!

itsagift said...

Hey - thanks for posting this one!
TEMBOW - can stand for Thoughtful, Enthusiastic, Musical, Beaufiful, Optimistic, Wordly - How's that? I think all these words describe you well...
I always wished I knew more languages - it is such a great thing to know so many so that you can communicate with all kinds of people!

tembow said...

itsagift: awww thanks! ur really sweet
glad i could fulfill your request! :)

Something Different said...


ugh that was so not befitting my reputation....

tembow said...

SD: i don't really get it

Something Different said...

Neither do I. I was trying to make somethin out of your name but I am kinds tired and couldn't think very well...obviously. (blushing)

itsagift said...

Glad I made you smile!

Anonymous said...

SD: it's okay. still love ya! :)
itsagift: thanks for everything!!

corner point said...

I can speak sign language--not fluently at all though. And three years' worth of Spanish. And some Yiddish (very exciting!!) And Hebrew...

What do you speak, Tembow?

tembow said...

English (duh)
Hebrew, almost fluently
some French

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