Monday, December 8, 2008

My epiphany... listen up!

I had an epiphany last week that i think is amazing! Here goes...
If you wake up in the morning and you decide "Today is gonna be a great day," then it will!
It's true. I decided to do that like a week ago, one morning, and I had the best day ever. (happens to be it was my birthday- so who knows, maybe it was cause of that but seriously...)

I gotta try it again tomorrow. this morning was horrible but then got better. i need tom to be a great day. so how about giving it a try? its worth it :)


tembow said...

ps today was an AMAZING day!!! :)

The Babysitter said...

very cool, I guess it's all in the psychology of it all, that if you want it be a good day, and have in mind that it should be a good day, then no matter what happens it will be a good day.

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