Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Favorite Song?

As a real music fan, it would be so interesting to know everyone's favorite song...
so pick your favorite song at this moment and post it (including artist and album name if you can)!

FYI: my FSN (SomethingDifferent-that's for you: my abbreviation which stands for... can you guess?) is Birchos Avicha by Dovid Gabay on his second album, Omar Dovid. for those not familiar with it, its a stunning song!!!! here's a link for it on mostlymusic just for a taste...


Something Different said...

Favorite Song Now?
That would make sense for me cuz I have a different favorite song every hour....
My favorite right now is probably shelo asani goy by lipa cuz I'm on the treadmill and it makes me move. By the time I get home I'm pretty sure I'll have another favorite song... Lol

tembow said...

you got it!! I knew you would since you're so good at these abbreviations! :)

o- btw i found this abbreviation on the internet. guess what it stands for (and no google-ing!!)


Something Different said...

You have to give me some sort of hint!! What does it have to do with? Beer?

tembow said...

Yeah, it has to do with budweiser beer- like a promotion for people to buy it... (hint hint)

Something Different said...

Um...BUDWEISER let's see...

Beer Universally Drank When Everything Is So Extremely Rotten???

That's my best guess...

tembow said...

lol that's a cute one. but the real answer is...

tembow said...

Because U Deserve What Every Individual Should Enjoy Regularly

btw, in case you haven't noticed... im really bad at keeping secrets and keeping people in suspense :) LOL

Something Different said...

I like mine better. Should I apply for a job at budweiser?

tembow said...

K... i've got a few more for you, or for anyone to break their teeth on... (i like this- it's fun!!)

and im not giving answers till tomorrow.
don't look them up.
think hard.
they're random.


have fun!! gnite

tembow said...

i like your's. i guess your life is not so "extremely rotten" cuz you don't seem like the type to be drinking beer all day. and i don't have a clue what it does to your blood sugar. probably shocks it LOL

Something Different said...

It brings it down actually, which is why I am going to be quitting the gym and using the money to buy beer instead...lol
Why do you say I don't sound like the type to drink beer all day? Hahaha you should hear what I sound like when I am sober...but no, things aren't extremely rotten around here. :)

I am gonna try those abbreviations...but I am so tired I dunno how i'll do...so here goes: my reputation at stake!
Huge Ugly Green Spiders? That's the best I can do without a hint.
PEWV um this is tougher. Pleasantly Exciting Wedding Video. (one track minded? Why do you mention it?)

tembow said...

OMG you're on the right track with the second one.. actually has to do with weddings! (i guess im one-track-minded also :)

now for a hint for the first one... hmmmm...
maybe "things not to forget when packing for a skiing vacation??"

Something Different said...

I give up on both. I am currently managing on so little sleep it's a miracle my eyes are still open...

tembow said...

if anyone still wants to know the answers to those 2 abbreviations, here they are:

Hats, Underwear, Gloves, Scarf

Past, Elbow-length, Wedding, Veil

random, no?

Michelle said...

I have a bunch of favorite songs. The one playing in my head now is "Sober" by Pink off her album Funhouse.

Something Different said...

You bet! I love 'em!

tembow said...

FSN: "Chai Hashem" by Yehuda! on Generations of Song

The Babysitter said...

I have too many favorite songs to think of any now!

Cute abbreviations.
There's actually a game of this, where everyone is given a acronym and you have to try to make up the best words that it can stand for, and then people vote on who's they like best. It's a fun game. Or it could also be done in a thread form, where people type the words, then give a new acronym for the next person to figure out.

Anonymous said...

Some of my random favorites:

MBD's "Happy Days"
Leona Lewis "Bleeding Love"
Lipa's thumpin' "Hentelech"
MBD's "Memories" (not the one from Ohel. The one that was written in his mothers memory)
Celine's version of "At Last"(Etta James)
Yeedle "Ashrecha" (sax is just amazing)
Avraham Fried "Nisht Ge'deigit"
-Gad Elbaz "Halayla Zeh Hazman"
-MBD/Yossi Green "Anovim" (crazy over the live version @ Priority One, MBD's harmony is simply gorgeous)
Alicia Keys "No One"
Lipa's "Al Tishallel (the safari/jungle-like music is enthralling and the concept of age is moving)
Matisyahu "Aish Tamid"
-MBD's "This Time"
-Michael Buble' feat. Nellie Furtado "Quando, Quando, Quando"

My favorite JM singer is hands down Mr. Mordechai Ben David. His voice is so strong & beautiful. Not to mention his collection of timeless classics.

tembow said...

wow! i gotta say those are random and really different types of songs and singers but if you like them... gezunte heit :)

MBD is great.

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