Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Miracles & Appreciation

chanukah is a time of miracles. it's also a time of appreciation. we thank Hashem for the miracles He performed at that time and for all He does until today.
i just heard of a family who i know of whose house burnt down! tonite- after candle lighting they left and came back to find their house completely gone. kids are traumatized. everyone's in shock.
my neighbor went to sloan-kettering memorial hospital today to visit a 23 year old who's sick. he is a baal teshuva who learned for a year in yeshiva, got married and then three months later was diagnosed and it's been downhill from then on. he can't even talk anymore it's so bad.
you can't take anything for granted anymore. life is precious. everyday things are miracles. it's a miracle i'm alive and well and healthy B"H and my family as well. B"H we have what we need, we have a house (unlike this family that is now HOMELESS). these things happen and put everything in perspective. it's like now i realize that little things shouldn't bother me cuz they're so NOT important. they're just "little things."
im so grateful i got to work ok today and didn't slip on the icy sidewalks.
im grateful i have a job.
im grateful for my family.
for my friends. for my neighbors.
im grateful that i afford to buy what i want. grateful i can go to israel.
im grateful i can get wake-up calls like these (though unfortunate they are) to realize how lucky i am to have what i have and be who i am.

ps. his tehillim name is reuven ben sara. please daven!

Baruch Dayan HaEmes- reuven ben sara was niftar this morning. May he be a mailitz yosher for all of us.

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The Babysitter said...

I know that I've just started reading your blog yesterday and that it's new and everything, but I like it so far, so I tagged you in a meme Here I know you haven't been tagged before, so perhaps you would be interested!

and very true, all of what you said.

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