Friday, December 12, 2008


my sister wrote this poem called "Holding On" a few years back:

I'm inspired.
The speaker spoke
Of her journey to
Becoming frum.
She changed her life:
Maybe I can too in my 
Own small ways.
"Her clothes were so ugly,"
They're saying.
"She kept moving her
Hands as she spoke.
I was inspired.
Doubts creep into my mind
And cloud my thoughts of
Growth and self-improvement.
They trample the speech with
Their words.
They trample my inspiration.
I try to push away their words
And my doubts.
But it's hard to hold on to 

It happens to me all the time. I get inspired and it doesn't last. 
When i was in high school, we read an article in class about inspiration and how to make it last. You have to make something concrete to remind you of it so you can hold onto it forever. 
But its so hard. 
There's this woman i know who's suffering from breast cancer (a mother of two little girls) and they've been thru so much, even before this happened. She just had surgery last week. I was asked to help out a little bit so i volunteered to go friday mornings at 7 am. i came back about an hour ago from there. i came back inspired. life is so short- gotta make the people you love important to you and do the right things. but now, even an hour later, its gone (well, almost).  and i don't want to let it go.


frumcollegegirl said...

can you email me pls

sporadicintelligence said...

Read R' Akiva Tatz "Living Inspired" that chapter "Why a Good Time Never Lasts" it'll give you a better perspective and understanding in this frustrating pattern on ispiration that falls flat.

tembow said...

lol thats funny you should mention that because that class in HS was an ivrit class and it was based on that chapter in the book (though in hebrew)
i guess i gotta read it again

harry-er than them all said...

thats the way inspiration is. you just have to remember that you had a moment at one time, when it all made sense, when it was all worth it.

The Babysitter said...

beautiful poem. I know what you mean about this one. It's hard, and we loose the inspiration.

Sporadic: I had remembered that you suggested that book, and I have it on my list of things to check out, then I saw his name on a gateway thing so I was checking out what it said about him, and I saw a picture of him, and kenyna hora he wrote a lot of books!

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