Sunday, December 28, 2008


my father has a sign that he hung up next to his computer so that he sees it all the time as a motivation for his diet. this is what it says:

Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.

i love it! it's so true. after i eat something, even something that tastes really good, i'm always like: i should NOT have eaten that... it's so fattening... so not worth it... in a day i'll forget about it and that's so true! i really regret eating things after i've eaten them. i don't know if that's so good but i do.
i really pigged out this shabbos. it was disgusting. but its so hard to control myself. i always think, im going to exercise ANYWAY- i'll just burn off these calories. but that's such a bad attitude. 
when im following a diet, i can follow it completely, to the "T'', but when im just watching what i eat... it's so hard to really watch it. i end with the attitude that if i eat one thing i may as well eat 19 because i've already gone overboard and pigged out. 
i guess i should add to the blog description that this blog will also be about dieting, or rather- talking about dieting... not that i'll actually do it! lol :)


G6 said...

We always tell ourselves that we'll "wait until after Yom Tov" to start dieting in earnest.
But with us, there's ALWAYS a Yom Tov!!!
Cheshvan is the only month to diet.
So I guess I'll start dieting in 10 months, lol.......

tembow said...


The Babysitter said...

I've never been on a diet before. Although in 7th grade I thought the whole weight watchers thing was cool, I liked the ideas of points and counting up what you eat. I was going to join my friend in it, but never did.

I actually remember reading a readers digest article that said it's better to eat what you like, than to eat a lot of what you don't like. SO I've kept that in mind and it stuck with me. So I never eat salad cause I don't like it. I eat danishes cause I like it and it makes me full, and I like real food too, I like meat stuff.

Recently I started cooking and it's been so much fun!

tembow said...

well i guess you're pretty lucky and have a great metabolism if you can eat danishes and still never be on a diet... i'm kinda jealous :)

The Babysitter said...

well yea, but again it's not like I eat a lot, I just get full very fast.

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