Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Mall.

Just a few random thoughts spurred on by my trip to the mall tonite...

1. Everybody know about me that im a big music person. i love to listen to music, sing and all that stuff. i can listen to a song once and almost know it and keep singing it for days. this is all good until the holiday season comes around. stores are full of the holiday music playing 24/7! i'll be in a store shopping and walk out with "jingle bells" or "its xmas time in the city" playing and replaying itself in mind head. not that i actually want to be singing these songs- to the contrary! but they get stuck in my head. argggggg...

2. in bloomingdales i hear this woman calling to her son whom she named...... messiah! how crazy is that? i was tempted to ask her why? does she actually think her son is The Messiah??
last week a girl in my class was reading the newspaper and there was an article about celebrities' baby names and how some are really crazy. here are just a few for your entertainment:
Audio Science
Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily
Jazz Domino
Luna Coco Patricia
Moon Unit
Pilot Inspektor
Sage Moonblood
Seven Sirium

Honestly, why would you name your kid something that would cause him/her to be made fun for the rest of his/her life??? i don't get it at all. i think these people just see the kid as an "it" like who cares what we name "it." its pathetic. really. crazy. this world as gone crazy.


EsPes said...

lol yea names are getting crazy these days!
my mother is a nurse for moms who just had babies- so shes always telling us the weirdo names that ppl name their kids

tembow said...

i heard a story from someone who said that their mother was in the hospital giving birth and her roommate in the hospital room was really uneducated and she heard the word "placenta" and was like- that's such a pretty name. so she named her kid "placenta"

EsPes said...

HAHHAH omgg thats pretty funny

tembow said...

don't you have anything to do besides be online???

TOTALLY JOKING- cuz that's exactly what im doing. but its just funny cuz i'll write something and then A SECOND later you'll post.

EsPes said...

lol wellll i was thinking the same thing about u!
and i dont even live in ny... so my city is even more boring than urs!

tembow said...

knew you would say that

EsPes said...

wow im just that predictable

tembow said...

you bet!

frumcollegegirl said...

those names are a lil nutty. my dad knew a guy who's parents named him nimrod. they were chiloni, and they knew that in tanach he was a "gibur tzayid lifnei hashem"

poor kid

corner point said...

About 1, cool. That's one of the many reasons I hate shopping, too.

About 2, LOL.
But I disagree. Just cuz a name is weird, doesn't mean the kid will get teased their whole life, and it *definitely* does not mean that people will treat them like an "it."
I have a few friends with weird names, and I always thought them fascinating. Wish my name had been weirder ;-)

You can all start to call me Pilot Inspektor.

tembow said...

k, will do! :)p

im not saying that all people who have unusual names will be teased, but i think celebrities who name their kids weird things are doing it just for the media and for the sake of it, and not really thinking about their child's future reaction.

Something Different said...

I read a story of a Hawaii girl whose parents named her -I kid you not- "talula does the hula"

Michelle said...

You forgot Apple, Zuma, Knox...

The Babysitter said...

I know what you mean about the music, I noticed that happened to me too.

yea, did you hear about the story of the kid named "Hitler"?

there's a girl who was against dissection of animals in school labs, so she officially changed her name to ""!

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