Thursday, December 18, 2008


Im so curious.. did anybody go to the YU concert tonite? i couldn't make it but it sounded like it was gonna be ONE AWESOME CONCERT!! i absolutely love kuntsler and menucha and gabay (mostly) plus YBC (usually) and put together they = an amazing show. 

so can anyone tell me how was???


EsPes said...

i went!
it was great :-)
i know the guy who put the whole thing together, so i was shepping nachas ;-P
ybc is really cute- and boy have they got some mooooves! lol

tembow said...

i'm so glad to hear! i was wondering if anyone went, seeing that nobody responded...

EsPes said...

i would have responded earlier, but i just got back home last night!

tembow said...

o right! i forgot you live out of town lol


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